CATERING FOR events and celebrations

 Our catering service is focused on two main styles of event catering. Big Trays of authentic wood-fired BBQ Meats, like Brisket, Pork, Chicken, Wings, and Lamb – that is ready to go right onto your Buffet. Or we have Ready to Eat BBQ plates that are packed into Hot Boxes and are perfect for Family Services, or Team Events or taking to the beach!

To work out what you want, decide whether you want bulk Meat Trays or individual Ready to Eat BBQ plates, let us know the numbers you are catering for, Date & Time and whether you are picking it up or want it delivered.                                                             


We look forward to talking, Island BBQ Team. Email us: or Call‭ (09) 217 3498‬






Pork Shoulder


This is slow BBQ'd for a minimum of 14 hours using Oak Barrell wood. This is a full Beefy Smoked prime cut, carved to a tray with a light Beef Au Jus to keep it moist and juicy

$28.80 per kg (a 5kg tray will feed 20-30 * note a min order of 10kg is required)

Our Ribs are slow BBQ'd for 5-6 hours and covered with our own Mango BBQ Sauce. We have two types of Ribs, Baby-Back whole Racks and Spare-Ribs

$32 Spare Rib Rack/ $28 Baby-Back Rack

We slow Roast Pork Shoulder for carving or BBQ over-night whole Bone-in Pork, then pull it and mix in some sweet BBQ sauce and salt

$28.80 per kg Carved Or Pulled BBQ'd $26.60

(a 5kg Tray will feed 30-40 people, * note a min order of 10kg is required)




IMG_5386 2.jpg



We take NZ raised Pork, and slow roast this over 4 hours, and salt baste it to get maximum crackling - rich and meaty

$34.40 per Kg (a 5kg Tray will feed 30-40 people * note a min order of 10kg is required)

We take our marinated NZ Chicken and hand bread this with our secret blend of herbs and spices. Options are Sweet Chilli, BBQ or Spicy 

50 Piece Tray is $115.00

We marinate NZ Lamb Shoulder Chops for 12 hours in brown sugar, garlic, ginger and soy. Then Flame Grilled them to perfection with our own Teriyaki BBQ Sauce $3.70 each


Full Island Combo


1/3 Rib Plate

Go Big Rib Plate.jpg

Pork-Belly Plate


This has all our Island BBQ favourites - Ribs, Wings, Lamb. Served on Rice, Coleslaw, Chop-suey and garlic bread.


A big feed of Ribs and Rice, with sides of Coleslaw, Chop-suey and garlic bread



Slow Roasted carved Pork-Belly with crackling, Salad, Rice, Island Potato Salad and garlic bread


Steak, Ribs & Fried Chicken


Lamb Shank Plate

Lamb Shank.jpg

BBQ Chicken & Ribs

chicken N Chips Ribs.jpg

BBQ'd Brisket & Mushrooms, Ribs, Rice, Coleslaw, Kumara & Corned-Beef Potatoes


An 18 hour BBQ'd Lamb Shank in Red Wine Ju served on Mashed Potato Corn and sides


Our Ribs with slow BBQ'd Manuka free raised NZ Chicken, Stuffing, Seasonal Roasted Vegs or Salad in the summer!


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