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Our mission here at Island BBQ  is the celebration of food and family. Our goal is to serve food that is delicious, and value for money (we price it around the same as the main burger chains' combo meals) AND we want to lift the economic value of our local neighbourhood (by employing local young men and women and buy where we can from local suppliers).

Our food is inspired by the Islands, North, South Pacific, South East Asia and the Caribbean - if it can be cooked on fire, or reminds us of home and whanau then that's what we like to cook the most.

All our burgers are handmade - we ground fresh 100% pure Angus Chuck and Brisket - never frozen and then flame grilled. We worked with a local social enterprise bakery to design our own Island BBQ Bun that is massive, crusty and holds all the big fillings without falling apart.

Our BBQ plates are all cooked to order, which means there is a wee wait, but we are working hard at making your wait time quicker (there is always great music playing so feel free to bust out a song to pass the time!). We get in around 6.00am each morning to Slow BBQ and smoke our ribs each day  - a good BBQ rib shouldn't be mushy (totally falling off the bone) that is a sign the cook is boiling their ribs or its over-cooked. You should have a good bite and we strive to get that balance just right, its a real art to turn out a perfect rib.

We add special BBQ plates and long and slow BBQ meats like brisket, pork and lamb  during the week and weekends (especially Sunday) so every day is a bit of surprise, and you will never get bored.

So cruise on over to the Store, chat with the team - order up the food you like, tell us what you would like to improve and remember we can bring the whole party to your place with big BBQ tray catering.

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